From Here to There

From Here to There
A Public Art Installation

Project Description

Occupying a 2,500 square foot lot, distributed between a house, non-developed open yard and a parking lot, The Intersection is made up of three exhibition spaces: the first is a 8’ x 16’ billboard that abuts the south side of the building and on which can be placed a two-dimensional work; the second is the terrain in front of the billboard which offers approximately 500 square feet and on which can be presented an installation, group of sculptures or individual sculpture; the third space is the wall of the building next door, located at the back of the parking lot.

The project includes outreach that extends beyond the exhibition of works. A sign located parallel to the sidewalk reorients the relation between the public and art by way of a didactic activity about the theme of the exhibition and a brief biography of the artists. This sign also provides two other functions: on one side it becomes a physical and official location for the exhibition, and on the other, it becomes a link to the virtual world, providing complementary resources for learning about the project and the installation through interviews with artists and the curator as well as lectures with professionals in the field of public art.

Carolina Montejo, Whitelakes, 2015, 8' x 16'

In From Here to There, Carolina Montejo presents, in the short story that forms her book Era: Fragments of an Evolving Landscape, a satellite with artificial intelligence as the basis for a new world. Utilizing the billboard, a photographic print of a landscape constructed by the AI shows a hybrid visual proposition composed of photographs taken by the artist and found on the web. The photograph promotes an impactful and metaphorical vision of humanity’s occupation of the Earth as well as its search for an open and personal space, known in another context as suburbia. This image as inhabits the digital environment with a notable pixelation, a reflection on the construction of distant, almost intangible spaces.

Lana Z. Caplan, Home, 2015
As the sun sets, The Intersection becomes an extra-terrestrial and nocturnal terrain, noted by the positioning of lights directed at the billboard and placed below the rocks. At the third space, the parking lot wall, a projection of Home appears, a video by Lana Z. Caplan that takes on the theme of human expansion toward space, leaving behind issues of sustainability on the Earth. Concurrently, the video reflects on the historical spatial view where we imagine other worlds, gods and existences. Caplan combines scientific image of planets and other stellar bodies with contemporary and recognizable images; a type of video collage. The video is composed of worlds that slowly pass from one side of the projection to the other, leaving us with a peak at our space-bound future.


Located in San Diego, California, a territory that clashes with the Latin American border, the initial space of The Intersection will reach an audience of 18,000 cars per day and is located on the edge of various lower-middle class and middle-high class neighborhoods. With the intention of showing an exhibition over three months, this project will reach 1,620,000 spectators coming from a large variety of ethnicities, cultures, genders and other distinctions.

The site/residence also represents the concept of landscape through its history as the real estate building that constructed two significant neighborhoods in San Diego in the 1920s – the building was constructed in 1908. These neighborhoods, Kensington and Talmadge, collectively known as Ken/Tal, were, respectively, the first suburban neighborhoods in the city. Since then, highways and other neighborhoods have been built around them and they are now known as Mid-City (the center of the city).


The locations that exhibit art in San Diego are reduced to specific places like Downtown, Barrio Logan, Balboa Park and La Jolla – all fairly close to each other. This means that the majority of the population of this city of 1.3 million inhabitants does not experience art on a daily basis. As an expansive city, known for its suburban planning, there are specific roads in neighborhoods where people transit to get to the highway in order to reach their workplace, the market, the beach and return to their home.

The community in which this project is located has no art exhibition spaces ­– not private, nor public. There are also no spaces that offer art workshops or classes. There is only one art gallery – in Kensington – but it is always empty.

This project offers an opportunity for a community in need of creative thinking to engage with art at the same time that it offers the possibility to think about the surroundings from another perspective, whether it be from the city they inhabit, the Earth, and/or the universe.


The Intersection seeks to centralize a place for engaging and expanding local perspectives about the expansion of the population toward unoccupied land or towards other worlds.
With pedagogic programs, the exhibition seeks to directly reach the community and positively affect the local growth of the social and civic promise, at the same time laying new paths for expression and creativity. Additionally, it presents the visual and conceptual arts to an under-developed community in cultural terms and promotes the inclusion of a broad demographic of visitors.

We seek the participation of spectators through a digital platform that presents the entire public installation and includes more content and links. This platform has the capacity to receive visitors’ thoughts and critiques, offering an opportunity for interaction and inclusion.

List of Artists:

Two-Dimensional: Carolina Montejo
Video: Lana Z Caplan
Curator: Andrew Ütt

Exhibition Guide

The guide occupies two formats – physical and digital. In the physical format, a laminated paper is positioned on a thin pedestal next to the sidewalk where the public can see the complete installation and interpret its content. 

Additionally, the billboard will include the web address in which a spectator could visit the digital guide. This digital guide will exist both as a downloadable PDF or as a text integrated in a page that acts like an online exhibition.


Alternative Captures

A workshop for photographers that includes a trip to a pre-determined landscape, where the artist Carolina Montejo explores alternative ways of seeing and capturing those scenes for digital or collage production.

Suburban Tours

Participants will take trips to historical neighborhoods in San Diego–which initiated its expansion into suburbia–with the goal of understanding the history and current statistics about urban expansion and its effects on the environment.


Along with the intention of presenting artworks to the public, The Intersection also intends to support the careers of the participating artists by way of selling their works. Through an online auction, the presented works in the exhibition will be available for sale to the public in different versions and sizes, supporting the dissemination and acceptation of public art with private individuals.

In order to support the link with the immediate community, there will be a special discount for works purchased by those living in the neighborhoods most affected by the project. 
A portion (40%) of artwork sales will go directly to support the production of more exhibitions at The Intersection.


August 29            Install billboard structure
September 12       Install billboard image
September 14       Press Preview
September 15       Exhibition opening
December 18       Deinstall exhibition

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